Hafod and Morfa Copperworks from White Rock Image Credit

If anyone has not become aware of the work of the Welsh Copper project then a trawl through some of the information available from it may be in order. Cu@Swansea has gathered huge momentum over the last few years, building on the innovative regeneration work begun in the 80’s, and aiming now to create a heritage hub and industry, with space for people to enjoy and share.  “It’s really copper that lies at the heart of Wales’ development as an industrial nation” says Professor Huw Bowen at Swansea University, and it is this project that is bringing the global world of Welsh Copper back to life.

The project website, among many other interesting things, includes a bibliography, powered by Zotero, for copper related research material, and it is this use of Zotero to provide open access, online bibliographies that is a nice example of simple digital technologies that can enhance projects.

Keep up with the news and follow the project @copperhistories 

A World of Welsh Copper: Cu@Swansea