Digital Latin Library

Digital Latin Library “The Digital Latin Library (DLL) is a joint project of the Society for Classical Studies, the Medieval Academy of America, and the Renaissance Society of America. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Scholarly Communications Program funds the project, and the University of Oklahoma hosts it. We use the word “library” to describe Read more about Digital Latin Library[…]

The making of a digital language?

To be a digital, online language we might expect that various support tools are required, foundations if you like. Languages need computer support, digital tools and from these a range of advances become possible. Without these tools and foundations then might languages struggle in an online world? This is only a starting point, but we Read more about The making of a digital language?[…]

A digital lib-bib-cell-hus

National Library of Wales [photo by Dylan Moore] Library Llyfrgell Bibliotheque Which will stand the test of time? Library (English) from librarium (Latin) – a chest for books. Llyfrgell (Welsh) – from Latin a cell for books. Bibliotheka – from Ancient Greek to Latin. Biblio- (from Byblos a port in today’s Lebanon from where papyrus Read more about A digital lib-bib-cell-hus[…]

New Republic Article: The Immense Promise of the Digital Humanities

From: “Adam Kirsch’s recent piece in The New Republic on the “false promise” of the digital humanities doesn’t probe very deeply into the broad range of experimental approaches to humanistic scholarship that have been bubbling up over the past decades. But it does make some misleading assertions that merit a response.”

The early History of the internet in Wales

Dr Rhys Jones’ work is currently being written as a chapter for the Routledge Companion to Comparative Internet Studies (forthcoming in 2015). It focusses on the portrayal of the Internet in the English-language press in Wales, and in the Welsh-language press, 1990-1996. These are the years when the Internet could be regarded as being in Read more about The early History of the internet in Wales[…]

Twitter and the Welsh Language

Work from Dr. Rhys Jones recently published jointly with D. Cunliffe and Z.R. Honeycutt : ‘Twitter and the Welsh language’, in Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Vol. 14 No. 7, pp. 653-671). The project used an online questionnaire in order to gain an insight into the thoughts and feelings of Welsh speakers towards Twitter. Read more about Twitter and the Welsh Language[…]

Delighted Beauty

“We want to make digital tools to help us explore world culture, by comparing how the same work is translated differently, over time and space, in the same and different languages.  We want to develop text analysis and data visualization tools which will contribute to cross-cultural understandings and enable new research, new learning and teaching.” A piece of Read more about Delighted Beauty[…]