A Year of Digital Adventure: building our digital estate

For Wales, 2016 is the Year of Adventure. In this fledgling digital world of ours though, every year is full of digital adventures, where new technologies, services, apps, ideas and people come to the fore. The prologue to the digital adventure is about the idea that there will be a time after technological development to Read more about A Year of Digital Adventure: building our digital estate[…]

Digital Exhaustion

I was just reading an informative piece, as always, by the 1709 blog which summarises the state around digital exhaustion. Not the tiredness of computers, but the way in which digital artefacts can be resold or passed on: Whether EU law allows digital exhaustion arguably remains however an unresolved issue, with diverging interpretations being provided Read more about Digital Exhaustion[…]

Stats: Wales data sources

Welsh Overview: http://wales.gov.uk/statistics-and-research/wales-summary/?lang=en 3.1 million people (mid 2011). The main urban areas are Cardiff (346,100), Swansea (239,000) and Newport (145,700). About 1 in 20 of the UK population live in Wales. The total land surface of Wales comprises nearly 2.1 million hectares, of which some 80 per cent is devoted to agriculture. Life expectancy from birth Read more about Stats: Wales data sources[…]